Giovanni Formica

Ph.D. in Computional Mechacnics - Struct. Eng. - Full Prof. in Solids Mechanics at Department of Architecture, Roma Tre University

About Me

About Me


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span a wide range of application contexts,
from nanocomposites to masonry structures,
all approached in terms of both modelling and numerical simulations.


mostly held for architecture students.
See the dedicated website:
Fondamenti di Meccanica delle Strutture
(Basics of Structural Mechanics, in Italian)



I pursue my research with a multi- and inter-disciplinary approach, spanning several application areas of structural mechanics and physics, usually developing home-made codes.

I investigated various aspects of both modeling and simulation, concerning non-standard Finite Element formulations, unconventional numerical strategies for nonlinear problems, and multiscale approaches.

I also developed equivalent constitutive models and ad-hoc numerical schemes for analyzing nonlinear phenomena of nano- and micro-structured materials.


I'm used to code in C++, working with enhanced software libraries and compunting platforms, such as deal.II, FEniCS and Elmer.

Scientific Rank

I hold academic rank since 2005 at Roma Tre University. I earned my Ph.D. at Calabria University, while my post-doc was at HUT.


M. Struct. Eng.

Oct 19, 2000

Master's Degree in Structural Engineering earned at Calabria University with a thesis on "Nonlinear Analysis of brick masonry walls exhibiting damage and friction responses".
Advisor Prof. Raffaele Casciaro.


Comp. Mech. Ph.D.

Mar 7, 2005

Ph.D. in Computational Mechanics earned at Calabria University with a thesis on "Multilevel analysis of brick masonry walls".
Supervisor Prof. Raffaele Casciaro.



Aug 31, 2005

Post-Doc at the Institute of Mathematics, Helsinki University of Technology, on crack-growth numerical simulation in linear-elastic continua. Supervisor Dr. Mikko Lyly.



Sep 1, 2005

Professor rank in Solid Mechanics at Roma Tre University.
Assistant Professor in 2005-2014. Associate Professor in 2015-2021. Full Professor since Nov 2021.

Key Results

blog post
blog post
blog post | Meghna

Nonlinear Masonry Mechanics

Both efficient and accurate multilevel strategy solving within mixed formulation brick-by-brick interactions through nonlinear mortar joints, and providing quasi-static carrying-capacity of 2D walls.

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blog post
blog post
blog post | Meghna

CNT-nanocomposite dynamics

Both efficient and accurate meta-heuristic optimization strategy, maximizing damping capacity of polymer-CNT nanocomposites, modeled as 3D continua constitutively nonlinear.

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blog post
blog post
blog post | Meghna

Structural Dynamics Solvers

Both robust and accurate pseudo-arclength pathfollowing schemes carrying out frequency response curves of general non-smooth dynamic systems, excited by time-periodic forcing inputs.

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Latest projects

We're collecting on a unique website "Incourant" C++ coding experiences we developed for several research projects.

Some collaborations on the mechanical analysis of graphene nanosheets is being explored through enhanced numerical approaches. Honeycomb metamaterials and their stop-band propagation properties are also being investigated. Read below ongoing works.

LMD processes

CFD framework coupling multiphase Lagrangian-Eulerian fluid-dynamics for numerical simulation of LMD process in 3D printing. See the C++ code published on DOI

FRCs for nonsmooth dynamics

Enhanced pseudo-arclength pathfollowing schemes for generally nondifferentiable multi-dof dynamic systems. We recently released the 2nd version of the C++ code at DOI


This project is a collection of physics simulation softwares ranging from solid mechanics to fluid dynamics.
We're currently released a Laser Metal Deposition simulator with Lagrangian-Eulerian mechanics, a pseudo-arclength pathfollowing solver for nonlinear frequency response curves (running also on iOS devices), and a dynamic solution scheme for optimal hysteretic-damping design of CNT-nanocomposites.

Incourant project

Current Works

amazing caves coverimage

Graphene Nanosheets

We're working on a C++ code able to solve milions of variables modeling interatomic actions in single-layer graphene sheets. We aim to predict the nonlinear mechanical response under quasi-static conditions, by exploring enhanced numerical solvers using multilevel and parallel/distributed strategies.

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amazing caves coverimage

Honeycomb Metamaterials

We're investigating both models and numerical strategies for characterizing dynamical properties of honeycomb structures embedding local nonlinear resonators. Our activities (also supported by experimental studies) are tailored to design stop-bands distributions by optimizing lattice geometry.

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amazing caves coverimage

Pathfollowing Solvers

We're planning to extend the pathfollowing algorithm for running large-scale dynamic problems. We aim at a general-purpose framework able to perform periodic-solutions parameter continuation of nonlinear ODEs, just evaluating the vector field from FE (black-box) spatial discretizations.

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Selected Publications

pseudo-arclenth pathfollowing

robust and accurate computation of monodromy matrix
(June 2023)

multiple mass sensing

nonlinear dynamic response of nanocomposite microbeams array
(May 2023)

branched CNT nanocomposite

unusual nonlinear (softening/hardening) switching
(March 2023)

pseudo-arclenth pathfollowing

Krylov accelerated Newton–Raphson scheme for non-differentiable ODEs
(June 2022)

LMD processes in deal.ii

Coupled multiphase Lagrangian-Eulerian framework for fluid-dynamics
(March 2022)

humeral head fractures

FE parametric optimization of a construct of blocked threaded wires
(November 2021)

CNT-nanocomposite nonlinear shells

Optimal design through nonlinear FE scheme controlling loss of stability
(December 2020)

COVID-19 dynamics

Multiscale nonlinear dynamics for understanding COVID-19 spreading in Italy
(September 2020)

nanocomposite cantilevers

Both experimental and theoretical investigation of nonlinear dynamic hysteretic response
(January 2020)

nanostructured beams

Asymptotic dynamic modeling and hysteretic response through asymptotic multiple-scales
(December 2019)

DE algorithm

Kinship-based DE algorithm for unconstrained numerical optimization
(November 2019)

suspended bridges

Integrated CAD Strategy for Nonlinear Dynamics of 3D Suspended Bridges
(October 2019)

nanocomposite analysis

Computational efficiency and accuracy for nonlinear analysis of CNT-nanocomposites
(September 2018)

nanocomposite design

Hysteretic damping optimization in 3D modeled CNT-nanocomposites
(April 2018)

nanocomposite homogenization

3D modeling of interfacial stick-slip in CNT-nanocomposites
(January 2017)

fracture mechanics

Crack growth propagation using standard FEM
(August 2016)


3D nonlinear model for fatigue life of thin-film CNT-supercapacitors
(June 2015)

masonry multiphysics

Coupled hygro-mechanical multiscale analysis of masonry walls
(December 2014)

laminated plates

An improved theory of laminated Reissner–Mindlin plates
(January 2014)

FEM & continuation

Coupling FEM with parameter continuation for bifurcation analysis in nonlinear dynamics
(April 2013)

debonding in nanocomposites

3D damage model of CNTs debonding in nanocomposites
(February 2013)

masonry multiphysics

hygrothermal analysis and prediction of stress induced by salt crystallization
(April 2013)


Performance of High-Continuity Finite Element in 3D elasticity
(August 2010)

FE masonry

Finite Element formulation for nonlinear analysis of masonry walls
(February 2010)

multilevel FE masonry

Using equivalent continua for multilevel FE approach for brick masonry walls
(July 2007)


Vibration properties of CNT-reinforced composites
(December 2009)

multilevel FE masonry

A multilvel numerical strategy for nonlinear analysis of brick masonry walls
(July 2007)

trusses mechanisms

enhanced (Koiter) asymptotic approach for nonlinear infinitesimal mechanisms
(January 2005)

nonlinear masonry

A mixed solution strategy for nonlinear analysis of brick masonry walls
(December 2002)

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